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Physician Administered Peels

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Physician administered peels are used to treat aging and sun damage. A physician administered peel may also be able to treat mild acne scars, chicken pox scars, and some superficial scars due to injury or previous surgeries. A physician administered peel is a controlled chemical burn customized for your skin.

Custom blended to meet your skin’s needs discussed during consultation allow the physician to vary the concentration of peeling agents and the time used which helps to control the treatment depth. Depending on the strength of the peel certain steps are taken to minimize pain and discomfort. A fan is used to cool the face to prevent stinging. For deeper peels, a pain reliever and/or a mild sedative are helpful. Light anesthesia is required for the deepest peels.

Physician administered peels improve mild to moderate wrinkles and fine lines, reduce pigment spots and irregularities, decrease of long-term sun damage, and skin tightening with deeper peels. Recovery with lighter peels is painless and lasts a few days. There may be mild swelling. Initially the skin will tighten and turn brown. A couple of days later, the skin peels and turns red. 5-7 days later makeup can be applied. 3-6 months later following up with lighter peels to achieve desired results may be necessary. Deeper peels have more dramatic results but will cause crusting for up to 7 days. Following a deep peel, the skin takes longer to peel, and there will be significant redness lasting 3-8 weeks. Aggressive peels are only for treating severe skin problems.