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Dr. Michael Jazayeri, a renowned plastic surgeon in Orange County, helps women feel confident about the appearance of their breasts by increasing the size of naturally small breasts or restoring volume lost due to weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

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There are many options available for your breast augmentation. With advice and suggestions from Dr. Jazayeri, you can choose your implant type, incision location, and implant placement.

implant type

  • A silicone shell filled with a saltwater solution
  • Utilizes smaller incisions since the shell is inserted empty and filled once in the breast pocket
  • Achieves a rounder, firmer breast
  • The body will safely absorb the saline solution in the event of an implant rupture


  • A silicone shell filled with a cohesive silicone gel
  • Requires larger incisions to insert
  • Simulates breast tissue to achieve a more natural looking and feeling breast
  • The breast pocket and the quality of the gel limits the gel from leaking into the body in the event of an implant rupture

incision location


  • Located along the lower outer edge of the areola
  • May result in visible scarring
  • May result in loss of nipple sensation
  • Limits size of gel implant



  • Located along the inframammary fold (where the lower breast tissue meets the chest wall)
  • Scarring is hidden in the breast fold

implant placement

Above the Muscle (Subglandular):

  • Below the breast tissue and above the pectoral muscle
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Achieves a rounder and higher breast projection
  • Increases the chance of visible implant edges and rippling


Below the Muscle (Submuscular):

  • Below the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle
  • More postoperative discomfort
  • Creates a more natural breast projection
  • Lowers the chance of implant rippling

Most patients require about a week of downtime after surgery and can return to light activities after that. The typical recovery period for breast augmentation surgery is about six weeks, at which time the majority of swelling should have subsided and results will be visible. In most cases, the swelling will take at least three months to resolve.

You will likely experience some pain in the first few days following your surgery, but medication will be prescribed to control this postoperative pain.

There is likely to be scarring as a result of your incisions. Breast tissue will camouflage scarring from inframammary incisions. Scarring along the areola is likely to fade over time. On average, scars heal in about six months to one year.

All surgeries run the risk of infection and bleeding complications, but these are very rare. Other possible complications include:

  • Capsular contracture (tightened scar tissue squeezes the implant)
  • Implant rupture/deflation
  • Bottoming out (a weakened breast pocket allows the implant to drop below the inframammary fold)
  • Double-bubble deformity (sagging breast tissue beneath the implant creates the appearance of two bubbles)

Barring any complications that would require implant replacement, breast augmentation surgery achieves long-lasting results. Dr. Jazayeri will discuss the expectations you should have for the results of your surgery.

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