Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure used to permanently enhance the size and shape of the chin. For the right patient, chin augmentation will help provide symmetry of the face, creating an overall appearance of beauty and balance in the profile.

A Cosmetic Solution For A Beautifully Balanced Profile

The human face is made up of several parts. In what is most commonly considered an "attractive" face, these parts will have balance and a certain amount of symmetry, creating a harmonious existence between the forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth, and chin.


Appearance Center facial plastic surgeons of Orange County specialize in the anatomy of the face and understand the physical composition of proportionality in appearance.


For many patients, chin augmentation is the perfect solution to creating balanced proportions for a more attractive and symmetrical look.

Combining Chin Augmentation With Additional Procedures

Chin augmentation is achieved through surgical implantation of a customized chin implant. Chin augmentation can be done on its own or in conjunction with additional cosmetic procedures. 


Frequent surgical treatment combinations with chin augmentation include:


  • Chin augmentation with submentoplasty - for a bolder and more refined neck line
  • Chin augmentation with rhinoplasty - for a more proportional profile
  • Chin augmentation with facial volume enhancement - for enhanced facial contouring


Our Appearance Center facial plastic surgeons will provide you with an in depth assessment during your personalized cosmetic consultation. Together you can discuss your cosmetic goals and decide the best treatment options for you.

Determining Whether You Are a Good Candidate for a Chin Augmentation Consultation

Some of the physical characteristics and emotional sentiments noted by patients before a chin augmentation consultation include:


  • A small or weak chin
  • The feeling that the neck and the chin blend into one another
  • Disproportionate facial anatomy - the chin does not match the rest of the face
  • Feeling that they might be a candidate for rhinoplasty


If you are experiencing one or more of the physical characteristics or sentiments noted above, you are a candidate for a chin augmentation consultation. A chin augmentation will permanently enhance the size and shape of your chin, creating symmetry and balance in the face.

FAQs About Chin Augmentation

The procedure takes place under sedation anesthesia. A small incision is made just below the chin in a crease. Alternatively, a less common approach is through an incision inside the mouth. The pre-measured implant is inserted through the opening. Occasionally, custom shaping of the implant is performed by the surgeon during the operation. Once the implant is inserted properly, the surgeon will suture the opening and bandage the sutures. Proper aftercare instructions will be discussed during preoperative appointments.

Yes. A strong chin is not necessarily the look you will get from an implant. That would be on the extreme end. Chin implants are customized to the patient's face and according to the patient's needs, wants, and cosmetic desires.

Recovery after chin augmentation is typically less than a week. There will be swelling and tenderness during this time. Occasionally, there will be temporary partial numbness of the lower lip. That usually resolves within a week.

Read About Our Chin Augmentation Specialists

Simon Madorksy, MD - Double Board Certified in ENT Surgery and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 

"Dr. Madorsky, I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and care. Through your efforts, I have more confidence and a better quality of life."

Newport Beach, CA

"Dr. Madorsky performed face and neck lift. Oh my it is so amazing. My face and neck looks so beautiful. I never imagined I would look this great he is definitely the best. I wish I could give him 100 stars."

Newport Beach, CA

"I was very apprehensive about having surgery on my eyes. Dr. Karlin helped me to understand what my surgery would involve, and helped me to feel safe and comfortable."

Irvine, CA

"Dr. Madorsky and Staff, Thank you so much for the beautiful job on my face. You truly are a miracle worker and your staff is outstanding."

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"Dr. Madorsky has wonderful energy, is professional, and explains the process with options. I always feel welcome with the staff of the Appearance Center."

Newport Beach, CA

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