Brow Lift

A brow lift is a surgical procedure used to permanently restore the positioning of low or heavy eyebrows. A brow lift will improve the appearance of drooping brows, forehead wrinkles, upper eyelid hooding, and crow's feet.

The Cosmetic Solution to a Softer, More Relaxed Appearance

As we age, skin begins to lose its elasticity, and gravity inevitable takes its toll on facial tissues. Muscles in the brow and forehead begin to reposition themselves, creating horizontal creases for some, and a heavy or drooping brow for others. In most cases, these changes create furrows between the eyebrows, weight in the upper eyelids, and add to an increase of eyelid wrinkling, making patients seem tired, agitated, or unapproachable. While some nonsurgical treatments, like Botox, can help soften the brow, a brow lift is usually recommended by Appearance Center specialists as a permanent solution to a softer, more relaxed appearance.  

Combining a Brow Lift with Additional Procedures

A brow lift will help reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles and crow's feet and lessen the appearance of furrows and heaviness above the eyelid. The overall result is a softer, more relaxed and youthful appearance in the upper region of the face. 


In order to address signs of aging in the other areas of the face, Appearance Center cosmetic surgeons recommend combining a brow lift with additional procedures.

Frequent surgical combinations include:


  • Brow lift with eyelid surgery - for a brighter, more alert, and more youthful appearance
  • Brow lift with facelift - to completely address facial aging from the forehead down to the neck


Appearance Center cosmetic surgeons create customized treatment plans for their patients depending on his or her particular facial anatomy and his or her personal needs. As with any procedure, the end goal is to provide exceptional results that make the patient feel comfortable, confident, and refreshed.

Determining Whether You Are a Good Candidate for a Brow Lift Consultation

Patient interested in a brow lift will typically have one or more of the following physical characteristics:


  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Droopy lateral brow
  • Drooping of the medial brow with wrinkles in between them
  • Sagging upper eyelids with excess skin and/or fat


Additionally, these patients may feel:


  • They have noticed their eyebrows are too close to their upper eyelids
  • The eyebrow has begun to descend to the socket rim
  • It takes effort to wrinkle their forehead of elevate their eyebrows
  • The outer portion of the eyebrow is at the same level as the remainder of the eyebrow


If you are experiencing one or more of these physical characteristics or sentiments, you are a candidate for a brow lift consultation. During your consultation an Appearance Center facial plastic surgeon will walk you through the possible treatment options for an overall softer, more youthful and relaxed appearance. 

FAQs About Brow Lift

There are several types of brow lift surgery. Patients will need to discuss their individual concerns with an Appearance Center board certified cosmetic surgeon before the appropriate procedure is selected. Most commonly, incisions will be made somewhere in the scalp or hair line, and the forehead and brow muscles will be repositioned accordingly. 

Yes. There are a few different mechanisms our Orange County facial plastic surgeons use in order to achieve the results discussed in consultation. You will want to speak with your cosmetic surgeon to determine which procedure is best suited for your cosmetic needs. 


In this procedure the surgeon makes a few small incisions in the hair line to elevate the brow. When patients undergo an endoscopic brow lift, the muscle that once caused wrinkles between the eyebrows can be removed. 


In this procedure two small incisions are made on both sides of the hairline or within the hair-bearing scalp. 


A coronal brow lift incision extends across the entire scalp. This is highly effective in correcting severe brow drooping, particularly of the medial brow. One disadvantage of a coronal brow lift is the size of the incision, which requires a longer recovery period. A possible complication is the loss of sensation in the posterior scalp region.


A temporal brow lifts the outer corner of the eyes, and dramatically improves hooding of the upper eyelid, which makes patients look tired or sad. This is also an excellent way to remove crow's feet that are a direct result of excess skin.

Patients will experience mild to moderate bruising and swelling for 10 -14 days. They should not undergo heavy or rigorous activity during this time. Patients will be given specific aftercare instructions which will include information on bandaging, icing, and caring for sutures. 

Read About Our Brow Lift Specialists

Justin Karlin, MD - Board Certified in Ophthalmology with Additional Subspecialty Training in Plastic Surgery of the Eyelids


Simon Madorksy, MD - Double Board Certified in ENT Surgery and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 

"Dr. Madorsky, I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and care. Through your efforts, I have more confidence and a better quality of life."

Newport Beach, CA

"Dr. Madorsky performed face and neck lift. Oh my it is so amazing. My face and neck looks so beautiful. I never imagined I would look this great he is definitely the best. I wish I could give him 100 stars."

Newport Beach, CA

"I was very apprehensive about having surgery on my eyes. Dr. Karlin helped me to understand what my surgery would involve, and helped me to feel safe and comfortable."

Irvine, CA

"Dr. Madorsky and Staff, Thank you so much for the beautiful job on my face. You truly are a miracle worker and your staff is outstanding."

Newport Beach, CA

"Dr. Madorsky has wonderful energy, is professional, and explains the process with options. I always feel welcome with the staff of the Appearance Center."

Newport Beach, CA

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