Eyelid Rejuvenation

Nonsurgical eyelid rejuvenation can help achieve dramatic results for restoring the appearance of aging or asymmetrical eyelids. Nonsurgical eyelid rejuvenation delivers improvement of wrinkles and extra skin, symmetry in the eyelids and eyebrows, a reduced appearance of eye bags, and an overall brighter and refreshed appearance.

A nonsurgical solution for brighter, more refreshed eyelids

With age, we begin to lose collagen in the skin, and the fat in our faces and eye sockets begins to shift and dissipate. For many of us, we will begin to see signs of aging in the eyes starting in our very early years of adulthood. Crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, a drooping brow, and eye bags are some of the signs of aging in the eyelids. 


Many people remain unaware of the simple truth that nonsurgical treatments can help prevent, manage, and restore these signs of aging. Nonsurgical treatments for eyelid rejuvenation are a wonderful resource for quick and effective results, with little down time. 


Patients who undergo nonsurgical eyelid treatment benefit from one or more of the following results:


  • Reduced appearance of eye bags
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and moderate to severe wrinkles
  • An elevated and softer brow
  • Reduced appearance of eyebrow furrowing
  • Symmetry in the eyelids and eyebrows
  • Tighter more rejuvenated eyelid skin
  • An overall brighter and more youthful appearance


Appearance Center eyelid specialists are among some of the best plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Orange County. They are uniquely qualified to assist you with rejuvenation strategies for this very sensitive area of the face.

Combining Nonsurgical Eyelid Rejuvenation with Additional Procedures

Eyelid rejuvenation can make a huge impact on the overall appearance of the face. It can take a harsh, tired, and worn down look to a soft, gentle, and refreshed appearance in a matter of minutes. 


On several occasions, appearance center patients wish to combine these new and impressive results with additional treatments for the rest of the face. 


Some of the most common treatment combinations including nonsurgical eyelid rejuvenation are:


  • Nonsurgical eyelid rejuvenation with fillers for cheek enhancement - for a more youthfully defined facial structure
  • Nonsurgical eyelid rejuvenation with fillers for lip enhancement - for more definition and prominence of the lips
  • Nonsurgical eyelid rejuvenation and physician administered skin treatments - for a softer complexion and youthful glow
  • Nonsurgical eyelid rejuvenation after surgical eyelid rejuvenation - for enhanced results and maintenance


Whatever your beauty goals are, Appearance Center cosmetic surgeons can help you achieve them safely, and with immaculate results.

Determining Whether You Are a Good Candidate for a Nonsurgical Eyelid Rejuvenation

Patients who inquire about nonsurgical eyelid rejuvenation, typically feel the would like to change or improve upon one or more of the following physical characteristics:


  • Heavy or sagging eyelids
  • Hollowing or bagging under the eyes
  • A heavy or sagging brow or forehead
  • Constantly appearing tired or run down
  • Beginning signs of aging


If you are experiencing one or more of these physicial characteristics, you are a candidate for an eyelid consultation. Appearance Center cosmetic surgeons will help you determine which nonsurgical treatment options are best for you.

FAQs About Nonsurgical Eyelid Rejuvenation

Most patients who are new to the idea of cosmetic surgery struggle with a few emotions. Those are typically: the fear of trying something new, the anticipation of what the results will look like, a fear of needles or pain, and for some, the feeling that they will be "changing who they are" - rest assured these are normal feelings, and everyone who comes in fresh, leaves feeling comfortable, confident, and at ease about these issues. Patients are numbed before procedures, if they'd like, and these results are not permanent. They do wear off in time. So there is no need to worry that you will be changed forever - if that is one of your fears. 

Once the emotional aspects of trying something new are conquered, patients can expect to schedule and appointment and visit our office, just like any other doctors appointment. Once you are in the medical examination room, our friendly medical staff and expert surgeons will get to know you more, listen to your concerns, and make recommendations based on your facial anatomy, budget, and desired results. 

Some procedures, like Botox and filler can be administered in the same day, if you feel comfortable. Others, like laser treatments, will require a separate appointment. 

Our wonderful staff will walk you through every step of the cosmetic process, so that you can feel comfortable and assured in your cosmetic decisions.

Yes. Absolutely. It is very common for men to come in for a slight pick me up in the eyelids. Our board certified surgeons are experts at treating every patient in accordance to their facial structure, personality, and cosmetic goals. They will customize your treatment to create a look appropriate for you.

Nonsurgical eyelid rejuvenation can be achieved with many different procedures. Here is a simple idea of how long the results take. Keep in mind, that each person and treatment is different and can have variations within them. For example there are many different settings for laser treatments, and several sessions may be necessary. 

In general: 

Filler will bring immediate results. There will be some swelling, and the "true" results will take a few days to settle in. 

Botox - Botox takes a few days to work. You can expect to see changes within a few days, and final results at about 10 - 14 days.

Skin treatments (lasers, peels, microneedling) - These treatments vary considerably. There will be some healing time associated with these treatments. You will want to speak with your surgeon about anticipated results and time frame.

Read About Our Eyelid Specialists

Justin Karlin, MD - Board Certified in Ophthalmology with Additional Subspecialty Training in Plastic Surgery of the Eyelids


Simon Madorksy, MD - Double Board Certified in Head & Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


Adam Aronson, MD - Board Certified Dermatologist 


Alyssa Flanders, PA-C - Board Certified Physician Assistant

"Dr. Madorsky, I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and care. Through your efforts, I have more confidence and a better quality of life."

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"I was very apprehensive about having surgery on my eyes. Dr. Karlin helped me to understand what my surgery would involve, and helped me to feel safe and comfortable."

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"Dr. Madorsky and Staff, Thank you so much for the beautiful job on my face. You truly are a miracle worker and your staff is outstanding."

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