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SCARS Center: Scar Treatment – Dermabrasion

Prominent scars can sometimes be painful as well as create undesirable reminders of skin conditions, accidents and/or surgeries that many people would like to forget. Scars commonly result in stares and personal questions that many people may be uncomfortable about. Fortunately, there are cosmetic procedures available in Orange County, Newport Beach and Fashion Island to reduce, treat and often eliminate scarring. These treatments typically allow people to feel more comfortable in their body and they may even experience an improvement in their confidence and self-esteem. If you have scarring and are considering consulting with a board certified surgeon regarding the best treatment for your needs, one of the most popular techniques available to remove skin imperfections and scarring is dermabrasion.


What is Dermabrasion?

During a scars dermabrasion procedure, your surgeon uses a hand-held electronic tool that is affixed with a sanding tool that contains diamond particles or a wire brush. The tool is used to remove the scarred outer layers of your skin to allow for the growth of new skin. The new skin usually has a smoother, more refreshed look. The outcome of dermabrasion is dramatic as well as long-lasting. Dermabrasion procedures are effective for scars from accidents, acne and/or disease, such as skin cancer. Although the procedure may be sometimes used for burn scars, it may not be as effective as when used for other types of scarring.


Good Candidates for Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion generally works best for skin requiring focused treatments. For example, facial scars from chickenpox, acne or skin cancer. Although treatments are beneficial for both men and women of all ages, it is typically recommended for those with less pigmentation in their skin; it is more beneficial for those with fair skin. For example, those with darker complexions may experience discolored or blotchy skin after a treatment and those who typically develop a skin reaction to certain treatments or frequently get fever blisters may experience a flare-up. Also, if you have freckles, they may disappear in areas that have been treated with dermabrasion.


Preparing For Dermabrasion

If you have decided that dermabrasion is the ideal procedure for your scarring, the most important part of the preparation process is to schedule an examination with a board certified surgeon in Orange County. During your initial consultation it is important to be open and honest with your surgeon. You should express any concerns you may have and do not hesitate to ask questions. Your Appearance Center surgeon will be open with you and explain all factors that may influence the procedure as well as the results, such as your skin condition, age and any previous cosmetic surgeries.


Your surgeon will conduct a routine examination, discuss your medical history and take photographs of your face. During this time, the surgeon will explain the procedure in detail, including the risks, benefits, costs and recovery period. Should your surgeon determine that you are a good candidate for the procedure, you will usually be given a topical product to use for a couple of weeks before having the dermabrasion. These products will allow the skin to grow faster and may also speed the healing process. You will also be given specific instructions for the day of your procedure.


Dermabrasion can enhance your self-confidence, self-esteem and appearance, however, it is essential to understand that the treatment may not completely remove all scarring and/or flaws or prevent aging. The healing time and recovery after dermabrasion depends on the depth and the size of the area you are having treated. Pain and swelling are typically minimal following the procedure. The new skin regrowth typically occurs within five to eight days with the new skin appearing pink or red and then fading to your normal skin tone in six to 12 weeks. For the best results, it is extremely important to follow the post-procedure instructions provided by your surgeon.


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