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Chin Augmentation

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Appearance Center Chin Augmentation

A chin implant is used to correct a weak chin or to balance a strong nose. A chin implant can help balance the facial profile and add definition to facial appearance.

The procedure takes place under sedation anesthesia. A small incision is made just below the chin in a crease. Alternatively, a less common approach is through an incision inside the mouth. The pre-measured implant is inserted through the opening. Occasionally, custom shaping of the implant is performed by the surgeon during the operation.

Chin augmentation is a often combined with a rhinoplasty. By balancing the nose with a stronger chin, the nose can have a less prominent appearance.

Recovery is less than a week. Swelling and tenderness of the area are present during the time. Partial numbness of the lower lip can occur and usually resolves within a week.