Should I choose Fillers or Surgery?

Fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, and other signs of aging are perfectly natural, and many of us reach a point where we want to “do something.” But what does that mean? After looking into the options, you may be asking, “should I choose fillers or surgery?’

We turn to two of our top physicians with this question.

Justin Karlin, MD is an Oculoplastic Surgeon, and Brandyn Dunn, MD is a Facial Plastic Surgeon.

“Judicious use of filler can really enhance natural features,” assures Dr. Karlin, “but over time, there can be limited results, as well as a necessity for repeated procedures. They have their place, but cannot replace surgery. They will not remove extra skin or extra fatty tissue.”

It is important to see a provider who has expertise with facial anatomy. Dr. Dunn continues, “Fillers can be overdone. We are seeing something I call Filler Fatigue. People are getting over-filled and often look unnatural.”

The ideal candidate for facial fillers is someone who has minor to moderate signs of aging on their face. These candidates are usually between 30 and 55, since older people may have significantly loosened skin and the presence of other things like bags under their eyes and jowls, which will not respond well to filler iniections.

The ideal candidate for surgery, such as a blepharoplasty or facelift, is someone who has more advanced signs of aging in the face and neck. A surgical procedure can address many more issues than facial filler can. That said, candidates still need to be in good enough overall health to undergo surgery and will need adequate support and downtime to recover from the procedure.

This patient underwent blepharoblasty (evelid surgery) with Dr. Karlin after he advised her that iniectables would have a limited and temporary impact.

Choosing Both Options

Some patients use fillers as a way to “try on” a new face and to helo them decide whether they want to move forward with surgical procedures.

One example of this is the “liquid rhinoplasty,” where the shape of the nose is changed with filler, albeit temporarily. There are also subtle enhancements to the eye area and jawline that can be made with filler and Botox, but don’t have the longevity of a surgical procedure. This is an option worth considering when you talk with your provider.

This patient is “trying on” the look of a rhinoplasty with a temporary result that Dr. Dunn achieved with filler.

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