More About Microneedling

Microneedling is a safe, minimally invasive, chemical free treatment that encourages collagen production in the skin. Treatment is administered by a trained medical expert, such as a medical esthetician, or a board certified physician.


Microneedling is delivered with a handheld technology which contains several very small needles at one end. The needles microscopically penetrate the skin, creating channels, for regrowth of collagen and elastin in the skin. The treatment has become a favorite among our surgeons and medical esthetician as an ideal source for reducing the appearance of scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone.

Microneedling Results

Some of the most common results that our patients experience are:


  • Tighter, lifted skin due to collagen production
  • Minimized pore size
  • Improvement with fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduction of acne scars
  • Reduction of surgical scarring and stretchmarks
  • Reduction in the visibility of cellulite
  • Improvement with hair loss from alopecia


Microneedling is safe on almost all skin types. Additional benefits to micro-needling include:
Visual and noticeable improvement in a few days after treatment and short treatment time.

Microneedling Technology

The handheld device we use for microneedling is called Rejuvapen. Rejuvapen helps improve the overall appearance of skin, and is ideal for patients looking for an alternative or supplemental method to incorporate into their skin care routine. Microneedlng with Rejuvapen can diminish the appearance of many skin concerns, including fine to moderate lines, scarring, and discoloration in pigmentation.


This safe, effective device uses a hand held mechanism with 12-needle cartridges. These very small needles create micro-injuries, or micro-channels, which trigger the skin to heal itself, and ultimately leads to the production of more elastin and collagen, two proteins that are crucial to overall skin health. Because the skin is forced to repair itself naturally, using Rejuvapen results in healthier, younger looking skin.


Rejuvapen can help people suffering from a variety of skin conditions. It can be used to diminish the appearance of stretch marks and traumatic scars. It can also help people battling acne scars. Because it forces the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, it is also helpful for people who want to improve the appearance of aging skin. It can tighten sagging skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Rejuvapen can also be used on the body to help reduce signs of scarring and stretchmarks.

Microneedling Treatment Details

Before the microneedling treatment, a numbing cream is applied to the skin. This helps to minimize the pain associated with the procedure. Patients undergoing minimally penetrative treatments often compare it to microdermabrasion. For patients undergoing longer needle penetration, there may be some slight discomfort. Your physician will be able to speak with you before the procedure to determine the best way to numb the skin.


After the procedure is performed, most patients experience redness and sensitivity. The skin may feel warm to the touch. People who undergo aggressive levels of treatment may notice more severe side effects. There may be mild bleeding, swelling, and uncomfortable tightness. To ensure that these side effects are short lived, patients should touch the skin as little as possible and wear hypoallergenic sunscreen at all times. Most symptoms go away within 48 hours or less.


The full results of your first microneedling procedure will be visible within two to four weeks. To maximize results, however, patients typically need to undergo multiple treatments. The number of treatments depends on the patient's particular skin needs, but most people achieve their desired results in three to eight sessions. Combining the results with topical retinol or laser treatments may speed up the process and enhance results.

FAQs About Microneedling

Am I a candidate for microneedling?

Microneedling can be administered to almost all skin types. Our surgeons and medical esthetician will determine the Rejuvapen treatment that best suits your skin care issues. Shorter needle penetration is used for lighter treatments and deeper penetration is used for more aggressive treatments. Short needle penetration is ideal for patients who wish to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Longer needle penetration is used for patients who wish to diminish the appearance of deeper scarring and moderate wrinkles.

While microneedling is a very safe procedure, there are some people who should avoid it. Patients should not undergo microneedling treatment if they have used Botox in the last two days or the acne medication Accutane in the last three months. Microneedling should also be avoided if you have difficulty healing from wounds, are currently taking anticoagulant medications, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is there a difference between microneedling by an esthetician and microneedling by a surgeon?

Both are great and can yield terrific results for the skin. The most notable difference between an esthetician's treatment and a surgeon's treatment is that a surgeon will be able to use the microneedles to penetrate the skin deeper. This is helpful for more prominent lines and scars. Additionally, a surgeon will be able to use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) with your treatment, if that is recommended to you. Speak to both your esthetician and your Appearance Center cosmetic surgeon about your desired results and they will work in unison to help you find the best treatment choice for you.

What is Microneedling with Growth Factor?

Microneedling treatment is partially effective because the penetration into the skin causes the body to heal or regenerate new cells. The other portion of the effectiveness of microneedling comes from the use of growth factor on the skin. These are absorbed into the skin, causing rapid regeneration, once microchannels have been opened up to absorb additional nutrients. The combination of microneedling with growth factor creates smooth, tightened, and beautiful results.

What is Microneedling with PRP?

Microneedling with PRP is a microneedling treatment with the use of an enhanced serum generated from the body's natural blood plasma. This serum is collected by drawing blood from the patient, spinning it in a centrifuge, and taking the separated blood plasma to apply it directly to the skin. The application of PRP kicks the skin into a fully regenerative mode, helping to tighten and smooth the skin.

Read About Our Microneedling Specialists

Jeffrey Joseph, MD - Board Certified in Ophthalmology with Additional Subspecialty Training in Plastic Surgery of the Eyelids


Steven Daines, MD - Double Board Certified in ENT Surgery and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Simon Madorksy, MD - Double Board Certified in ENT Surgery and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Helen Taylor - Certified Medical Esthetician


"Dr. Madorsky, I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and care. Through your efforts, I have more confidence and a better quality of life."

Newport Beach, CA

"My nose was badly broken and I thought it couldn't be fixed. Dr. Daines performed such an amazing procedure that you would never have known that it had previously been broken. I'm so grateful for him and his kind staff, and how quick and smooth the overall processes went! Thank you so much Dr. Daines!!!"

Newport Beach, CA

"Absolutely fantastic surgeon and staff! After much research, I chose Dr. Daines to perform my surgery. I can now breathe properly for the first time ever, and my sleep quality has vastly improved. I highly, highly recommend!

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"I was very apprehensive about having surgery on my eyes. Dr. Karlin helped me to understand what my surgery would involve, and helped me to feel safe and comfortable."

Irvine, CA

"Dr. Madorsky and Staff, Thank you so much for the beautiful job on my face. You truly are a miracle worker and your staff is outstanding."

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"Dr. Madorsky has wonderful energy, is professional, and explains the process with options. I always feel welcome with the staff of the Appearance Center."

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