Skin Care

Microneedling: Simple and Effective

Microneedling is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure with a short treatment time, minimal downtime, and noticeable improvement within a few days. It is also cost efficient while still providing long-lasting results. It is performed with a hand-held device containing a tip with very tiny needles. This creates micro wounds in the skin, which help to increase the production…

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Welcoming a Dermatologist to the Appearance Center

Dr. Adam Aronson has joined our team! He is a Board Certified Dermatologist with an interest in cosmetic treatments that can compliment and enhance healthy skin. Dr. Aronson specializes in injectable treatments, dermal fillers, advanced skin care, laser treatments and chemical peels.

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Meet our PAs!

Physician Assistants Shea and Alyssa are an integral part of our Appearance Center team, and both are eager to help you to look your best. Many procedures can be performed in the office by our PAs, with minimal or no pain, and quick recovery. If you want an assessment of what’s best for you, including…

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Spotlight Procedure: VI Peel

We are pleased to be offering the VI Peel, a chemical peel that is a blend of acids, retinol, and vitamins that goes beyond a general resurfacing peel to treat specific conditions, including: Acne and acne scarring Hyperpigmentation Fine lines and wrinkles Benefits of the VI Peel include: Restoring a more even skin tone Smoothing…

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Exercise and Your Skin

Exercise has some amazing benefits for your mind, body, and skin! It circulates your blood helping clear dirt and impurities from your skin creating a healthy glow. However, sweat, heat, and tight clothing can negate the benefits your skin may get from the exercising. Healthy hygiene habits and a complete daily skin care regimen will…

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3 Must See Treatments for More Beautiful And Luminous Skin This Spring

Beautiful Skincare Appearance Center

Is Your Skin Ready For Spring? Spring marks the beginning of new things, fresh starts, and is commonly portrayed as the season of youthfulness, love, and vitality.  At the Appearance Center of Newport Beach, we believe that everyone deserves to take part in this season of resurgence and regeneration. That is why our experienced and…

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Proper Aftercare for Cosmetic Skin Treatments

Aftercare Skin Treatments

Appearance Center cosmetic surgeons recommend implementing aftercare treatments and an individualized skin care routine to optimize results after cosmetic procedures. To prepare for this, patients should speak with their surgeons during their cosmetic consultation to determine which treatments are recommended, in what frequency, and how soon they should schedule after the healing process begins.  Patients…

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