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Eyelid Surgery: Its popularity remains strong

Eyelid surgery, or “blepharoplasty,” has become incredibly popular since the pandemic thanks to the “Zoom Boom,” and to increased mask requirements, which make the upper face and eyes a focal point during everyday conversation. Blepharoplasty is intended to enhance the upper and/or lower lids, to create a more refreshed, youthful look. For the upper lid,…

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Dr. Steven Daines and Dr. Simon Madorsky were just named among America’s Best Plastic Surgeons 2021 by Newsweek magazine. Both physicians were recognized in the categories of Facelift and Rhinoplasty. Special bragging rights go to Dr. Madorsky, who was named #17 in the country for Rhinoplasty. Only two Newport Beach surgeons are listed in the top 30 in this category. Both of these physicians,…

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